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Watch 4 classic not getting notifications

(Topic created: 09-02-2021 09:56 AM)
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Ok, not a good start on this brand new watch,  so far it has overheated, I will get a notification when it feels like getting a notification,  If you want to use samsung pay you have to set a pin or pattern, so everytime you use your watch, you have to unlock it, not just when you use pay,  not good! Won't get emails unless you go through outlook, **bleep**, so this is a samsung watch running google, but there is no samsung email, or gmail??  hmmmmm......there doesn't seem to be much help anywhere about these issues, I haven't sent my watch 3 in yet for the trade in deal, and its looking like im going to keep the 3 and send this new one back,  I've been using samsungs watches since I bought the frontier, and never had issues until THIS watch. Not a fan so far. Maybe in another year once they get it running like it should.

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Aside from the Outlook mail issue, I have not experienced any of the others with my Watch 4 Classic. No overheating issues, I get notifications just fine, I only have to unlock it when I first put it on after removing it/charging it or when using Samsung Pay.

Maybe try unpairing/reseting and go through the pairing/setup procedure as though it were a new watch and see if that resolved the issue?

The mail issue may be a waiting game. You would have to think they would add Samsung Mail and/or Gmail at some point?
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Samsung Moderator
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I understand how frustrating this can be. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can try to get the notifications working. https://thedroidguy.com/samsung-galaxy-watch-not-receiving-notifications-from-phone-anymore-1096117

Also, be sure you are wearing the watch correctly. https://www.samsung.com/us/support/answer/ANS00084602/ The watch should be placed approximately 1 inch above the wrist.

If the notifications are still not working after completing all of the troubleshooting, Submit an error report after replicating the issue
Galaxy Wearable app > Go to menu (top left 3 lines) > Contact us>> Error reports











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