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RS25J500DSG/AA  Not Dispensing Ice in Door

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I have a 3 year old  RS25J500DSG/AA  (25 cu. ft. Side-by-Side Refrigerator with LED Lighting in Black Stainless Steel).  It doesn’t want to dispense ice in the door.  It appears to still be making it but nothing happens when you press the ice release lever with a cup.  Are they are standing trouble shooting techniques for this?

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Samsung Moderator
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Hey there! Give these steps a shot:

  1. Make sure there's ice in the ice bucket and it isn't fused.

    If you're not getting any ice out of the dispenser, it could be because the ice maker is not making any ice. Open the ice bucket and look inside to check.

    Also, if there is ice, but it has fused or formed into clumps, this is the cause of the issue. Dump the ice and allow fresh ice to be made. Either dispense ice or dump it out regularly to prevent it from forming into clumps.

  2. Make sure Child Lock is not turned on.

    Child Lock disables the display panel and the dispenser. Typically, when it is turned on, a padlock icon will be lit on the panel, and might flash when attempting to interact with the panel or dispense water or ice.

    Some models have Dispenser Lock which locks the dispenser only.

    For instructions on how to disable Child Lock or Dispenser Lock, see the control panel on the fridge or the user manual.

  3. Remove the ice bucket and inspect the dispenser opening.

    Sometimes bits of broken ice might form up around the opening and block it up. To clear this opening, dump the ice into a temporary storage container like a bowl, and then run warm water through the ice bucket opening to clear it up. Make sure the ice bucket is completely dry before putting it back in.

  4. Put the ice bucket back in and verify it seats properly.

    If the ice bucket is not fully inserted, the motor for pushing the ice forward and out the dispenser may not connect with the back of the ice bucket. This will make the motor sound like it's working, but ice won't come out.

    If the bucket does not click into place when it is inserted, align the back of the bucket at a slightly different angle before inserting it.

  5. Check the wire harness.

    This step only applies if one or both of these are true:

    • The sound of the auger motor cannot be heard when trying to dispense ice.
    • The refrigerator has never dispensed ice since the last time the doors were reattached.

    When attaching the doors, it's important to correctly connect the wire harness. Instructions can be found in the user manual in the section for attaching the doors.

If the above troubleshooting steps didn't help you would need to speak with one of our moderators via private message. Service would be required to resolve the situation, however, if you've already had service multiple times and the issue continues, We would need to review your case further so ask that you send us a private message as well.  Please feel free to reach out to us directly via one of the following options and with a link to our thread along with your full model and serial number.  If you'

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